What to Expect

In our free initial consultation I am actively taking notes as you describe your vision, perhaps even flush out a broader sense of what you can expect. From these notes I then create a shot-list of the key points we discussed including; angles (look & feel), clothing, make-up & location ideas. You receive a copy to review & use. When session day arrives we are both prepared, and simply drop into the process of being present for lovely moments together. While the shutter clicks the mood is casual, focused, guidance is shared, but most importantly, everyone is allowed to be themselves. If anyone has a suggestion or two at any time they are welcomed, discussed, and if appropriate to the conditions, we try them out. Its not mandatory to do so, but the option is always there. Sessions take place in the privacy of your home, yard or other outdoor location. My theory is, when everyone is feeling good about the experience, it will clearly show up in the pictures, and you will receive images that have an exceptional glow, to enjoy forever! 

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